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Crowfall patch disables bots from revealing player count

Published: 02:33, 17 July 2021
Was following the trends Crowfall's undoing
Was following the trends Crowfall's undoing

Crowfall has been hitting a rough patch after a rough patch since its release. In the most recent update, developers have sneaked in a change that no longer shows the server's population number.

As pointed out before, since its release Crowfall has been on unsteady footing. From a low player and viewer count on its first day of playing and streaming, to complaints and finger-pointing of the fanbase, things are not looking good.  

Developers, however, have been keeping their heads and spirits high, working tirelessly to mend these issues. 

Following player feedback, hotfixes are being implemented constantly. These are, of course, to be expected in an MMO, especially one that is as player-driven as Crowfall.

Developers are also in parallel working on their first major update, which will have hundreds of additional updates affecting powers, crafting, items, Eternal Kingdoms, and all the other aspects of Crowfall, along with some new features. This update should go up on the Test server sometime next week.

However, to combat the threat of players and MMO aficionados declaring the game dead, in the most recent patch, population count has been removed from being a visible statistic.

The caps have been removed and replaced with a "capacity" number, which is a small percentage indicator.

ArtCraft First design of the Crowfall character creation screen First design of the Crowfall character creation screen

It must be said though, that other MMOs do not publicly announce their player counts either. And in an environment where bitter MMO fans look for any opportunity to besmirch a game, this seems like the right move to make. though Crowfall did not have a shining start as some may have expected, the quality of the game and the dedication of developers is most certainly a way for it to make its place in the gaming world.

With Crowfall's system of individual worlds, a high player count is not as needed as it is in other games. Not until developers choose to, perhaps, make a super server or something along those lines, but a project of that nature is something that comes only once the turbulent waters of just starting out have passed.

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