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Crowfall launch fails to meet fan expectations

Published: 01:54, 09 July 2021
Was following the trends Crowfall's undoing
Was following the trends Crowfall's undoing

Kickstarter has had its ups and downs over the recent years, especially when it comes to backing MMO titles. Crowfall was a promising game, but if there is one thing MMO fans have learned, not all promises are kept.

From the beginning of its crowdfunding campaign, Crowfall has gained a large following due to its ideas, and innovations in the genre. The game was imagined to be a fast-paced advancement MMO, with most of the game's content being in the end-game. Players would not have to grind out for hours upon hours to reach that stage, and the servers would not last indefinitely, with a status quo that no one challenges.

Later on, other ideas were added to the mix. Such as claiming virtual territory on behalf of your guild or faction. Capturing mines, mills, and quarries to secure resources, building castles, and besieging your neighbors.

Building up an economy was to be purely player-driven, establishing kingdoms with subordinates swearing fealty, and carving out your personal domains in an everchanging universe. Quite a lot of these ideas were groundbreaking at the game's inception, but nowadays, none of those really stand out. Has Crowfall spent too much time in development, making their ideas become mainstream?

Another question is, has Crowfall strayed too far away from their purpose following new trends, in hopes of gaining more funds, which a problem most crowdfunded games face?

ArtCraft First design of the Crowfall character creation screen First design of the Crowfall character creation screen

It would appear that is the case. On the day of launch, Crowfall has peaked on Twitch streaming, with just over three thousand players. For a game with a crowdfunding goal that was reached very quickly, and was doubled in as well, these are not the best news. Not to mention, as the game has been in development for five years, and has had a lot of marketing done, the numbers seem even worse. 

The only hope that remains is that the game proves to be more than meets the eye, in the end-game content players were promised. As well, that the worst-case scenario is it becoming free to play, rather than shutting down completely.

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