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Crowfall Founder's Update welcomes new crows

Published: 01:28, 23 July 2021
Was following the trends Crowfall's undoing
Was following the trends Crowfall's undoing

Gordon Walton, Co-Founder of ArtCraft Entertainment, brought us their week two post-launch Founders Update. This update covers the state of the Live service right now and has a quick look at what’s coming next.

The Crowfall service had a very smooth and busy week. Developers did several updates to address issues surfaced by players and continue that process this week. The feedback players are giving is directing the Live team efforts greatly. 

The most exciting additions we will see in this upcoming release on Test is The Shadow - the 3-Faction campaign worlds and significantly larger Dregs maps. There are also reworked Assassin and Duelist classes, purely to give them some more love.

This release will also include hundreds of additional updates affecting performance, powers, crafting, items, Eternal Kingdoms (personal player housing), and all the other aspects of Crowfall.

One issue Crowfall has faced was its launch. That is, the fact there was absolutely no advertisement for it, whatsoever. Due to that, fans have already started calling it a dead game, even though only two weeks have passed since its launch. In regards to that, this week marks the start of the advertisement campaign. Now will be the time to see whether the game makes a name for itself, or it continues on toward its inevitable doom.

ArtCraft First design of the Crowfall character creation screen First design of the Crowfall character creation screen

The first Dregs (Guild vs. Guild) campaigns in the EU, US East, and US West regions started on Friday, July 9, and will run through Sunday, August 1st. Developers are still building our player base in the Brazilian and Australian markets and campaigns will go live in those territories as soon as the population warrants, as well. Even in this we see the problems the lack of players poses.

Also, developers are still working on key issues around performance, and the issues surrounding zone caps, and how to apportion server capacity appropriately. Hopefully, they will incorporate viable fixes soon enough, before the current problems chase away any would-be players just joining Crowfall.

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