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Crowfall Founder's Update reveals The Shadow

Published: 03:02, 29 July 2021
The reward for testing the game
The reward for testing the game

The Crowfall service had another smooth and busy week. Devs did a couple of updates to address issues surfaced by players and that process continues this week. As always, all changes and future plans are made according to player feedback.

The next major gameplay update, The Shadow, moved to public testing on the Test Server last week featuring a first look at The Shadow (home to 3-faction PvP game worlds) along with a new, larger Dregs map, apparently, requested by several of the guilds playing in the current Dregs. If you log in to the Test Server you can check out the significant changes to the Assassin and Duelist classes, as well as refinements made to a few other classes.

August is the “Shadow Month” in Crowfall as devs plan to start Shadow campaigns in all regions next month, August 2021.

As noted, The Shadow is a 3-faction PvP mode that is intended to bridge the player experience between the Gods Reach Campaigns and the much more advanced, and dangerous, Dregs mode.

A new, larger Dregs campaign will be introduced in the US East server region for the worldwide veteran players that have been asking for bigger maps, as mentioned before. As the game needs more capacity ArtCraft will start more Dregs and Shadow campaigns.

ArtCraft Crowfall Pantheon before Corruption Crowfall Pantheon before Corruption

As mentioned in a previous article, the "kill the devs' event is taking place on Crowfall's Test server as well. The playing with devs, and the Blue Topaz Tankard rewards are just incentives to get players involved.

The real purpose of this event is to get enough people on the Test server to test the performance of a 250 person zone limit, as the cap is  200 currently on Live.

In conjunction with ArtCraft starting with their marketing campaign, it would appear that they are getting ready for an influx of players. With testing server capacities, they seem to be expecting newer players to be joining the veteran Crows, and The Shadow looks to be a world for experienced players to explore before going up against veterans of the game, meaning that ArtCraft is not just making sure that new players have room to join, but that they, and existing ones, have reason to stay.

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