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Crowfall Founder's update - A New Beginning

Published: 02:07, 15 July 2021
Was following the trends Crowfall's undoing
Was following the trends Crowfall's undoing

After years of waiting, Crowfall has launched with mixed reviews and reception. Some are declaring that the game will die off soon, with others clinging to hope. Developers, however, maintain their professionalism and give us updates.

This update will cover the state of the Live service right now and then some of what’s coming next.

As noted Crwofall has had some downtime on launch day as some issues popped up that were not uncovered during pre-launch testing, however, those were fixed and have been up and running since then. Unfortunately, some DDOS attacks were directed at the game as well, bringing in more stress to the overall situation.

Following player feedback, hotfixes are being implemented constantly. These are, of course, to be expected in an MMO, especially one that is as player-driven as Crowfall.

Developers are also in parallel working on their first major update, which will have hundreds of additional updates affecting powers, crafting, items, Eternal Kingdoms, and all the other aspects of Crowfall, along with some new features. This update should go up on the Test server sometime next week.

Furthermore, these are some of the key issues which we the developers are focusing on:

Client optimization - especially in large fights. Some new issues that didn’t surface during beta are cropping up, including a dip in framerate for many customers while in large battles. Also, some people with high-end rigs are getting less performance than people with lesser computer setups. Both of these are top priorities to get fully diagnosed and resolved as soon as possible.

ArtCraft First design of the Crowfall character creation screen First design of the Crowfall character creation screen

World Zone limits - Optimization to increase the number of people participating in an individual throne war siege and also longer-term solutions such as handshake sieging and reservation systems. Other design changes to minimize queues and move players into battle faster are being made as well.

Finding the fight - Directing players to PvP battles more efficiently. The new red zones are certainly helping, but further changes will be implemented to help this issue along.

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