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Crowfall devs invite players to PvP and test the new update with them

Published: 02:40, 28 July 2021
Crows do not go quietly into the night

Ever wanted to kill some Devs and take out your frustrations? Now's your chance. They are running tests on the Public Test Server, and are inviting all players to join them in this endeavor, and possibly get some much-needed catharsis.

Join them on the Public Test Server (PTS) this Thursday, July, at 6:00 PM CDT (1:00 AM CET) for an hour-long event of killing Devs and trying to break the 250 Zone cap. Yes, they’re upping the cap and want to give the latest game version a test drive!

What’s more fun than killing Devs? Earning time on the Public Test Server towards the Blue Topaz Tankard! Nah, just kidding, that’s not more fun, but the time on PTS does actually count towards earning the tankard, so there is no reason not to kill two birds with one stone.

There are certain rules to follow, and things to take note of:

You can download the Test server on the official Crowfall website,

Devs need to get the testing completed before the sieges start on Live, so promptness is vital. The testing starts at 6:00 PM CDT (1:00 AM CET).  Devs are forcing the siege so it’s not on the schedule in-game,

To help ensure that you can level and gear up quickly, PTS has free vendors available,

The meeting point is on Dregs at the Keep of Galious DeCri in Muftaru.

ArtCraft The reward for testing the game The reward for testing the game

As for the mentioned Blue Topaz Tankard, it is a belt totem. It can only be won by testing the game on test servers for six hours, and only one per account is possible. The redeeming date is August 13, 2021.

With this, players have more incentive to test the game, and it is obvious with the recent patches and updates that Crowfall was made by MMO enthusiasts, for MMO enthusiasts, and the developers are taking fan suggestions very seriously. So, kill some devs, earn a belt totem, help the game achieve its potential, and, most importantly, have heaps of fun doing so!

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