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Crowfall 7.000 Test Update Notes show developers' commitment

Published: 02:08, 24 July 2021
Crows do not go quietly into the night

Though not many Crows, as developers call their players, are joining the Eternal Kingdom, that does not mean ArtCraft are ready to give up on their dream. The most recent test update notes show just how much work they are putting into the game.

The Shadow (Faction vs Faction) Campaigns return!

The Shadow Campaigns are Faction vs Faction campaigns where followers of the Sun, Earth, and Moon pantheons compete for Conquest, Glory, Wealth, and Power. Unlike The Dregs, The Shadow allows guilded and unguilded players alike the opportunity to capture strongholds, siege objectives, construct and upgrade buildings, and earn end of campaign rewards.  The Shadow is intended to provide a means of progression for players bridging the gap between God's Reach and The Dregs.

The Shadow Campaigns have a minimum level of 25 to participate and have NPCs level 29-33. When you first enter The Shadow Campaign, if you are not guilded you are given the option to join a faction. If you are a member of a guild, your Patron Deity determines the faction you are a member of.

The Shadow Campaigns are Embargo Campaigns. When you join the campaign with a character you can import a set number of items into the campaign. Until the end of the campaign, you must 'unlock' your character from the campaign in order to join a different campaign or access your Eternal Kingdom.

At the end of the Campaign, Rewards are given to members of Factions based on their Faction's standings in the Campaign.

Similar to the Strongholds that are found in The Infected zones of God's Reach, the building options in Strongholds are predetermined.

Aside from these changes, which are large by themselves, numerous changes have been made to classes, races, terrain, and even worlds.

ArtCraft First design of the Crowfall character creation screen First design of the Crowfall character creation screen

Duelist Talent Tree has been updated - Dirge and Vanguard Scout tree positions have been swapped along with other powers moving their placement around. The talent tree for Assassin has been updated.

All of this, and much much more is added to the game and being modified, all according to player feedback. It just goes to show how much love ArtCraft are putting into their title.

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