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CrossfireX is getting a beta soon apparently

Published: 19:08, 22 June 2020
Smilegate Entertainment

Smilegate's Xbox One exclusive shooter, CrossfireX, is apparently getting a beta test in just a few days. Ironically, it was Microsoft themselves who leaked the information.

CrossfireX is an Xbox One exclusive as far as anyone knows for the time being. Despite a developer being seen playing on mouse and keyboard, there are no official confirmations whatsoever that it will make way to PC or any other console.

It is partially for this reason that the game is fairly anticipated in the Xbox community, who want to know pretty much anything about the game including the release date. They might now be in for a nice surprise as Microsoft Store seems to have jumped the gun and leaked the beta test's date.

Namely, it is coming on June 25, 2020, if the information is correct. Furthermore, the game will have a rather humble download size of 5.9GB, which is basically spare change on the disk, especially considering that many modern games easily overshoot 100GB. Then again, the size might be bigger when the full game releases.

The store page has now removed the info but it's the internet so we have an image that shows the game's features, beta date, size and additional info. Speaking of features, it will be available in 4K UHD and is an Xbox One X Enhanced game.

Multiplayer modes will apparently vary in size, with the range spanning from two to 16 players.

Microsoft CrossfireX information from the now-hidden store page CrossfireX information from the now-hidden store page

Several screenshots were also available, although they are all cinematic in nature and don't show any gameplay from a player's point of view. One of the images is used above.

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