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Xbox exclusive CrossfireX has been delayed to 2021

Published: 22:22, 19 November 2020
CrossfireX screenshot showing a soldier

Remedy and Smilegate Entertainment have announced that the launch of their XboxOne and Xbox Series X/S exclusive shooter CrossfireX will be pushed into 2021.

"After much deliberation, and in consideration of the challenges faced by the Smilegate development team due to COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of CrossfireX to 2021", the devs wrote.

The two didn't provide an exact date but they did say that the extra time will allow them to deliver the sort of console experience worthy of the Crossfire franchise. 

You may recall that Remedy and Smilegate were responsible for developing CrossfireX's singleplayer campaign and free-to-play multiplayer component, respectively. 

The tweet, however, only mentions Smilegate, which may suggest that it's multiplayer that needs more polish. Then again, take this with a hefty grain of salt, as we could easily be looking into the tweet too much. 

As for the game itself, the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One exclusive's singleplayer campaign dives into the conflict between the two private military factions, Black List and Global Risk. It will be divided into a number of operations, each containing several episodes, and unlike the multiplayer - it won't be free.

CrossfireX's multiplayer features the same factions and a CS: GO-like format, with a few additional modes to spice things up. 

Smilegate Entertainment CrossfireX CrossfireX

It's widely expected that CrossfireX will launch on PlayStation once it runs down the Xbox exclusivity, although it's still unclear how much time are we talking about here. Given that the full release has been moved to 2021, we wouldn't be getting our hopes just yet, but the game's popularity in Asia is likely to bring about a PS version eventually. 

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