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Crossbows and difficulty progression highlight Dead Cells' update

Published: 02:42, 02 July 2020
Motion Twin
Dead Cells The Bad Seed DLC screenshot
Dead Cells The Bad Seed DLC

Dead Cells' Update of Plenty brought a ton of changes but two of major highlights are crossbow overhaul and a different approach to difficulty progression.

Crossbows have been reworked in Dead Cells as they are now all two-handed weapons. They now have two separate attacks and are tagged as Survival-only. Motion Twin will still wait for a bit before making mutations that will support crossbows as they don't want to rush out new ones that will need changing almost immediately.

Heavy Crossbow's off-hand now instantly reloads the crossbow with a volley of critical bolts. The hook will not pierce enemies any longer even if it has affixes that suggest so. Furthermore, the volley damage is capped by a boss' damage cap.

Repeater crossbow's fire rate has been reduced and now it roots every four bolts. On top of that, it will no longer crit rooted enemies. Off-hand attack will fire a volley that will crit rooted enemies instead.

Ice crossbow's main hand fire can no longer charge a volley of critical bolts. Off-hand will fire a long-range bolt at brisk pace and it will pierce enemies infinitely and crit the frozen ones.

Finally, there is the Explosive crossbow. Its main fire hasn't seen any changes but the off-hand fire will now be a melee combo with a twist.

Difficulty curve shouldn't spike between Boss Cells anymore. The "smoothing" means that the players shouldn't run into unwelcome surprises that will ruin their run anymore. 

Twin Motion Picture of the Dead Cells protagonist killing some enemies Dead Cells

Additionally, the tutorial's difficulty has been increased so the new players don't get a wrong image about Dead Cells' difficulty, which could lead to premature deaths afterwards.

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