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Critical Ops has reached one million daily active players

Published: 16:14, 17 May 2018
Critical Force
Critical Ops wallpaper showing a GIGN operative holding an MP-5 submachinegun
Critical Ops

Finnish mobile game developer studio Critical Force has announced that their totally-not-Counter-Strike shooter Critical Ops has reached one million daily users milestone, with over 38 million total downloads, in part due to esports focus.

This success didn't come over night, but through a rather long string of good decisions and emulation of Counter Strike on mobile devices over the years. Critical Force have recognised the massive success of the battle royale genre in pc, console and mobile gaming, but apparently there are no immediate plans of introducing a battle royale mode to Critical Ops. The developers will instead focus on furthering their e-sports agenda for the game.

The company believes that battle royale genre will positively impact Critical Ops regardless, and they have listed several similarities and differences between Critical Ops and the battle royale games on mobile devices.

For example, the developers have been cited as saying that "Critical Ops gameplay is based on an existing PC experience", no kidding, and therefore is in the same boat as the battle royale games. This pretty much means they are in the same market, but with a growing number of players interested in playing shooters on mobile comes a greater number of players who are familiar with a shooter control scheme.

Critical Force believe that this can lead to an influx of players in Critical Ops, who are already familiar with the game type and will therefore ease into it much easier than a newcomer to the genre.

There is also the fact that Critical Force are pushing hard into the e-sports scene, which is a feature that is pulled off much easier with smaller teams of players like in Critical Ops. Battle royale genre is clunky in this aspect, since it's neither easy nor that enjoyable to spectate 100 players duking it out with no objective other than "be the last man standing".

Veli-Pekka Piirainen, the CEO of Critical Force concluded the statement by saying that "the massive onslaught of battle royale shooter games to mobiles is very good for [Critical Force]" and it shows that shooter games can indeed rise to the top of sales charts. Piirainen also believes that the influx of players will benefit Critical Ops in the long run because players will eventually get burnt out on battle royale and proceed to look for a replacement game or genre.

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