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Creepy Tale - the horror puzzle game - is now available on Switch

Published: 16:17, 10 July 2020
No Gravity Games
Creepy Tale
Creepy Tale

No Gravity Games' puzzle platformer with a dash of horror titled Creepy Tales is available on Switch. The game is available for 7.99 EUR/USD for a limited time.

Creepy Tale is out now on Nintendo Switch. The title blends exploration with puzzle-solving, platforming, and adds a dose of horror.

Creepy Tale's main features include complex puzzles that will require the player to repeat the same sequence multiple times before figuring out the right path. 

The items found on the journey through Creepy Tale's world will serve a bunch of different purposes. 

You might not be able to face the game's monsters head on but you can outsmart them in many ways. These include the usual tactics of hiding, running away, jumping really high and luring them away. You can also learn how to play the reedpipe. Just in case.

Creepy Tale players will want to rely on their headsets to evade some of the monsters.

If you live in Europe or the Americas and decide you want to buy Creepy Tale, you can get it at 20 per cent off.

Conversely, is you own one of the following games, you can get Creepy Tale for 50 per cent off. This offer is tied to game release only. The games are: 

  • Alder's Blood
  • Star Horizon
  • Strike Force Kitty
  • Nonograms Prophecy
  • Make War
  • Ego Protocol: Remastered
  • Pirates: All Aboard
  • Dream Alone, Exorder
  • Rawr-Off 

Creepy Tale is out now on the Nintendo eShop in Europe, the Americas, and Hong Kong with a price of 7.99 EUR/USD for a limited time. The standard price of the game will be 9.99 EUR/USD.

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