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Could Apex Legends be getting a campaign? Data mines suggest so

Published: 01:42, 21 December 2019
Updated: 01:45, 21 December 2019
Apex Legends artwork of Caustic character executing a person in a lab coat with gas
Apex Legends - Caustic

We must admit that keeping up with Apex Legends data miners is great fun, and even when the resulting assumptions miss the mark completely, it's always great food for thought. This time, it's no different even if the campaign mentions have been here for a while.

Prominent Apex Legends data miner iLootGames a few exciting additions to the game files, such as new "Sentinel" sniper kick files and even some third-person perspective stuff, but the part about the campaign really sparks the imagination. 

Now, mid-writing of this article, we found that iLootGames posted a video about literally the same thing, so for the sake of credit where credit's due we're including his excellent video above. It actually serves as a great intro to this piece, because we intend to go a bit deeper into the what-if territory.

Two lines are of particular importance in his findings:

  • "SP_TRIAL_MENU_MISSION_MSG" "Try an entire mission from the single-player campaign!\n\nThis mission occurs later in the campaign.\n\nMajor story spoilers have been removed in the trial so you can enjoy the full game experience.”
  • "SP_TRIAL_OVER_MSG" "We hope you enjoyed the free trial of [Apex Legends'] single-player campaign.\n\nFeel free to play again if you want!”

Things change fast in development and this is nowhere near definitive proof, but let us assume for a moment that Respawn's battle royale is indeed getting a singleplayer campaign.

Firstly a full-fledged campaign with Apex Legends' colourful characters is practically Titanfall 3 Lite, and not many would say no to that. The "free trial" part suggests it's a paid feature, which could put some off, but we still think it would be more meaningful content than cosmetics.

Respawn artwork showing the original Apex Legends characters The original Apex Legends characters

Respawn are famous for crafting profound singleplayer experiences, so putting it to work in Apex Legends makes perfect sense. Just about every Legend, and Pathfinder, simply beg for more backstory, and what better way than in person.

Furthermore, singleplayer missions mean the dev could have fun juicing up each legend and not worrying about Reddit backlash. Mirage with multiple simultaneous decoys, like in the trailers? Wraith with multiple portals? The possibilities are endless.

From the development side of things, whatever map is currently active in Apex Legends could be used to drive a storyline. Specific scenarios, not unlike those you'd encounter against human players, could be set up to help newer players learn the ropes more quickly. 

Respawn Key art for Mirage's Holo-Day Bash limited time event in Apex Legends. Nothing beats a monologue from Mirage. Just in time for Christmas!

Once again, until Respawn officially confirm Apex Legends' campaign, this is all wishful thinking but it's hard to imagine Respawn didn't consider this already, especially with Blizzard doing something similar with Overwatch 2. With all the flak around monetisation, could this be a way to appease everyone? Here's to hoping!

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