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Comparison of Victoria 3 technology research to other Paradox games

Published: 06:43, 10 December 2021
Paradox Interactive
Victoria 3 - Technology tree
Victoria 3 - Technology tree

Researching technology in games such as Hearts of Iron IV and Europa Universalis is a relatively simple affair. However, in a time of change, that Victoria games represent, it will be a tad different.

Embarking on the research of new technology is a simple matter of clicking on the tech in the tree you’d like to focus on, and time will take care of the rest. But time is perhaps your most precious resource in Victoria 3, since falling behind your neighbors could be a death sentence - or at least might force you to cede your right to self-determination. The pace at which your research progresses is therefore of the utmost importance.

The rate by which countries develop new technologies is measured by Innovation. All countries start with a small amount of Innovation capacity. Those countries who can afford to do so can construct and fund University buildings, which employ Academics and Clerks to boost Innovation and thereby speed up the pace at which a country discovers new things.

Another way to improve research speed is to ensure the Industrialists, Armed Forces, or Intelligentsia are satisfied with the state of the country, as this will cause the effective cost of Production, Military, and Society techs respectively to drop. If only one of these groups are pleased with the society you’ve built, this will incentivize focusing your research on that tree since it’s relatively advantageous. As a result, a country with a large army and Laws favoring Patriotic, Loyalist, and Jingoist Ideologies would also progress faster in their Military technologies, though they may fall behind on Production and Society.

Paradox Interactive Victoria 3 - potential engineers in Lower Egypt Victoria 3 - Potential engineers in the Lower Egypt province

The amount of Innovation you can use to actively research your chosen technology is capped by your country’s Literacy. Even if your Universities are top-notch, your country’s ability to effectively incorporate new learnings will be hampered by a poorly educated population. Those countries that aim to be the guiding light of global progress must maintain a solid primary school system in addition to Universities that carry out their research.

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