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Code Vein Hellfire Knight DLC gets new trailer to celebrate the release

Published: 10:04, 29 January 2020
Bandai Namco
Code Vein screenshot showing New items in Hellfire Knight DLC
Code Vein - New items in Hellfire Knight DLC

Code Vein has introduced its first major DLC named Hellfire Knight. The expansion comes with new side story, costumes and other cosmetics for season pass owners.

Bandai Namco's souls-like RPG Code Vein has a new DLC, which is now live on all platforms. Named, Hellfire Knight, the expansion brings a fresh batch of content and it is avalible to those who purchased the season pass. Also, the DLC can be bought separately if you do not want to buy the season pass, which also includes two more DLCs, which will be released soon.

Anyway, the new trailer, which you can watch above, showcases some of the new content that players get for $9.99. There is a new side story, a couple of flashy new items so you can customise your characters to your liking and a brand new, volcanic stage.

Also, Bandai Namco released a Japanese version of the trailer which shows a lot more footage including an in-depth look at the new costumes, enemies and location. Check it out below.

Code Vein will also introduce two more major DLCs in the near future. The release date for these two expansions are yet to be officially unveiled but the publisher confirmed that both will arrive sometime in early 2020. Both DLCs will also bring new side stories, cosmetics and locations.

Code Vein is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. 

Code Vein

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Code Vein
Code Vein

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