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Code Vein closed network test start dates announced

Published: 16:53, 17 May 2019
Bandai Namco
Code Vein

Bandai Namco officially confirmed the start and end dates for Code Vein closed network test. Those who get the invite will be able to create their character, play online co-op dungeon and the game's opening segment starting 30 May 2019.

Code Vein, Bandai Namco's upcoming souls-like title is set to host a big network test this month in which the devs hope to see just how well the game's network performance and optimisation is implemented.

In an announcement, Bandai Namco revealed that closed network test will start on 30 May 2019 at 8:00 PM PDT or 01 June 2019 5:00 AM CET if you live in Europe. The testing will run for three days and it will end on 03 June 2019 at 12:00 AM PDT or 09:00 AM CET in Europe. 

The closed network test will be available only on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At the moment, Bandai Namco don't have plans to host PC network test, at least according to the sign-up pages that only show consoles versions.

If Code Vein looks like your cup of tea, you can register for a chance to participate in the test. If you're lucky enough you'll get an invite just before the test goes live. If you reside in Europe, sign up for network test and Noth America folks can do the same .

At the time of writing, the European link is yet to go live, but it shouldn't be long before Bandai Namco open the gates.

You're probably wondering what exactly you'll get to play if you get the invite. Well, Bandai Namco state that players will be able to play with the character creator and create their own character.

Furthermore, the opening segment of the game will be available along with an online co-op dungeon. You can find more about the character creator and the dungeon in our .

Bandai Namco Code Vein Code Vein

Code Vein was scheduled to arrive in 2018, but Bandai Namco delayed it for 2019. At the moment, there is no specific release date. The game is announced for PC, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Code Vein

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Code Vein

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