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Civilization VI getting a huge rebalance pass in April

Published: 20:29, 28 January 2021
2K Games
Civilization VI, Vietnam and Kublai Khan DLC
Civilization VI, Vietnam and Kublai Khan DLC

As promised, Firaxis and 2K Games rolled out Civilization VI's new DLC, Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack, and they also gave players a heads up for a massive rebalancing pass in 2021.

Vietnam and Kublai Khan DLC has brought Ba Trieu as the leader of Vietnam and Kublai Khan as an alternate way to experience China or Mongolia. 

The new civ's unique ability is Nine Dragon River Delta, which requires all land specialty districts to be built on Rainforest, Marsh or Woods tiles. Once built, the buildings get extra Science, Production or Culture. 

In terms of military, Vietnamese leader's unique ability is called "Drive Out the Aggressors" and it grants extra combat strength for units fighting in Rainforest, Marsh and/or Woods. The bonus is increased if the tiles belong to you, and beginning your turn on either tile grants extra Movement.

The Thanh unique district offers extra Culture for each adjacent district, as well as producing as much Tourism as your Culture output once Flight is researched.

Kublai Khan's unique ability provides an extra Economic policy slot, as well as a random Eureka and Inspiration when establishing a Trading Post in another civ's city for the first time. As Mongolia, you'll have to leverage trade routes for military might, whereas China will provide an opportunity to build a real economic powerhouse.

Firaxis Games Civilization VI - a freshly settled city Civilization VI - a freshly settled city

Speaking of economy, Firaxis rolled out the new Monopolies and Corporations game, and a new tree-huggin' district, The Preserve, along with new buildings, the Grove and the Sanctuary.

Monopolies and Corporations will let all players capitalise on duplicate resources, building in their place production facilities that will eventually grow into corporations. 

As for the future, you may want to play through all the civs you like these days, because Firaxis are preparing a huge balance pass for April 2021 . According to the devs, it will bring "massive balance changes" to two thirds of the game's roster. 

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - all the new leaders

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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

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