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Civilization VI - paths to victory

Published: 14:33, 30 September 2016
Updated: 13:36, 09 February 2017
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Civilization VI

There are five victory conditions in Civilization VI

Victory conditions were one of the main areas the team behind Civilization VI looked closely at. A survey of 5,000 players conducted on the Civ Reddit board in 2014 showed that in Civilization V a Science victory was the most common type, followed by Domination and then Cultural and Diplomatic. A straight Points victory came last.

As part of increasing the game's depth and opening more paths to a win, the victories have been given a major reworking. Most important to remember is that Civilization VI is designed so at least a couple of different victories are possible, even late into the game. Here we look at what we know so far.

2K Games Civilization VI Leader Frederick Babarossa 2K Games Civilization VI Leader Frederick Babarossa


Science: With a Science victory, the bar has been raised a little. No more watching that spaceship blast off for Alpha Centauri and putting the kettle on. Now, three conditions must be met to defeat your rivals through superior technical advancement. These are as follows - Launch a satellite; Land a human on the Moon and Establish a Martian Colony. So, significantly more challenging than the predecessor game.

2K Games Civilization VI Leader Gandhi 2K Games Civilization VI Leader Gandhi


Culture: Cultural victories are seeing a change in mechanics in Civilization VI. Instead of a cultural victory being achieved by your tourism outpointing the culture of other civs, now the measure is whether you attract more visiting tourists to your cities than other civs have domestic tourists at home. Which, we think you'll agree, is a pretty tidy solution to a previously odd mechanic. 


Religious: A new victory type for Civilization VI,  to win this way a player must their civ's religion become the dominant religion in every other civ in the game. This religious dominance is defined as being the religion of over 50 per cent of the population in any given civ. The ultimate challenge would be to win this way passively, rather than at the very least attacking two or three of the other civs and replacing their faith by force.


Domination: As ever, the thug life option is there. To gain a Domination victory, you must conquer the capital of each and every other civ. While the Warmonger penalty is still there in Civilization VI, there is also the concept of casus belli, or just war. Given the right set of circumstances, a player is given the option to declare a just war - and thus not see the other civs start to gang up against you. Also, it seems that attacking other civs or city states in the early part of the game will gain you no penalties at all, reflecting the (apparently) more barbarous nature of early history.


Score: No bells and whistles here - this is simply a way of deciding which civ has won the game if the turn limit is reached. Still, it can be a pretty satisfying way of winning, especially if you've managed to prevent other civs from winning their way.


Diplomatic: Not in Civilization at the moment. The UN, or World Congress type victory may yet make an appearance in a later expansion, the game designers say. It was always the most wooly type of victory in Civilization V, so let's hope if it is implemented, it has been redesigned to be clear and simple.

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