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Civ 6 getting New Frontier Pass with six DLC packs

Published: 17:31, 11 May 2020
Civ VI Great Wall

Firaxis and 2K Games today announced Civilization VI's New Frontier Pass that comes with six DLC packs that launch every two months, which should keep Civ fanatics busy.

Quite symbolically, Civilization 6 was announced four years ago to the day, so announcing the New Frontier Pass feels quite right. 

Civ 6's new Pass launches towards the end of the month, more precisely on 21 May. 

New Frontier Pass will kick off with Maya & Gran Colombia Pack, which features two titular leaders and civilisations. The dev will also be rolling out the Apocalypse Game Mode at this time, as well as new city-states, resources and more. 

Come July, Civ 6 will move to Africa with the Ethiopia Pack, i.e. a single nation and single leader added. The game will also get the Secret Societies game mode, new district and infrastructure. 

September, November January and March will see a total of 5 new leaders and 6 new civilisations, with plenty of content to go with it. That said, we'll have to wait until we learn what the dev had in store. 

Firaxis said that they thought of the New Frontier Pass as the best way to keep showering their fans with content they deserve, which should keep them coming back all year long. 

Our resident Civ fanatics will be locked and loaded to put the New Frontier Pass through its paces when it launches, so stay tuned. 

Civilization VI, New Frontier Pass roadmap Civilization VI, New Frontier Pass roadmap

The New Frontier Pass is a new season pass for Civilization VI that brings eight new civilizations and nine new leaders, six new game modes and more to the critically-acclaimed strategy game. Content will be released in six DLC packs delivered on a bimonthly basis from May 2020 to March 2021. Some features require either the Gathering Storm or Rise and Fall expansions to play.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - all the new leaders

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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

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