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Civilization VI gets first look at Ethiopia and its leader Menelik II

Published: 19:01, 17 July 2020
2K Games
Civilization VI leader Menelik II of Ethiopia
Civilization VI, Menelik II of Ethiopia

Firaxis and 2K Games posted a trailer introducing the new civilisation Ethiopia and its leader Menelik II, whose anticolonialist efforts managed to keep Europeans out.

Menelik II's list of achievements is quite impressive as a matter of fact, as he not only modernised Ethiopia - he also abolished slavery, all the while keeping pesky Europeans at bay. 

When it comes to Civ VI, Ethiopia boasts Aksumite Legacy unique ability, which grants cities extra faith from resources. The bonus is further amplified when international trade routes originate from resource-rich cities. 

Ethiopia's unique Civ VI unit is Oromo Cavalry, which replaces the Courser. Compared to the Courser, Oromo Cavalry has better combat strength and sight, and to top it all off - it doesn't receive movement penalties when moving in hills. 

Civ VI players who choose Ethiopia get to build the civ-specific tile improvement, the Rock-Hewn Church. It can only be built on hills or volcanic soil, and its faith bonuses are enhanced by any adjacent mountains. Note that you cannot build them adjacent to one another.

Rock-Hewn Churches cannot be destroyed, only pillaged, while researching flight grants them a tourism bonus. 

Menelik II's ability is called the Council of Ministers, granting him extra culture and science, based on his faith output in cities founded on hills. Ethiopia's units are particularly sturdy when fighting on hills, which can be utilised with some clever movement.

Firaxis Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass content roadmap Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass content roadmap

Civilization VI developer advises playing defensive, religious and culture-focused game, and should you snatch up a few strategic tiles early on - you can practically make Ethiopia impenetrable, or in the worst-case scenario - so resilient that any invasion would require an army of such size that it defeats the purpose of invading it. 

Last but not least, Menelik II players can use faith to buy archaeologists, naturalists and later on even rock bands.

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