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Civilization VI gets a first look at new civ Byzantium

Published: 17:52, 17 September 2020
2K Games
Civilization VI, Byzantium leader Basil II
Civilization VI, Byzantium leader Basil II

Firaxis and 2K Games have posted a first look at the more warlike of the two new civs coming to Civilization VI and if conquest is your thing, you'll love Byzantium.

Civilization VI's new civ is led by Basil II, whose historical legacy is as strong on the battlefields as it is in the city administration department. As the dev points out - Basil II reduced the aristocracy's power, expanded the borders and, perhaps most importantly - filled up the empire's treasury. 

In line with its historical counterpart, Byzantium's unique ability is called Taxis. Don't worry - it's not about cabs - Taxis grants units additional combat or religious strength for each Holy City that you convert to your religion. 

This ability further helps with conversion by spreading Byzantium's religion whenever you defeat an enemy civilisation or unit. Additionally, Taxis grants bonus Great Prophet points to cities with Holy Sites. 

Byzantium boasts two unique units. The first one, the Dromon, is a Quadrireme replacement that offers more range and gets extra combat strength against other units. The second one, the Tagma, is a replacement for Knights and it's a pure example of strength in numbers - nearby land units get additional combat or religious strength. 

Civ VI's new civ's unique Hippodrome district replaces the Entertainment Complex, but is cheaper to build and provides additional amenities. Moreover, once the Hippodrome and its buildings are constructed, players get a free Heavy Cavalry unit that doesn't cost maintenance. 

2K Games Civilization VI, Byzantium unique district Hippodrome Civilization VI, Byzantium unique district Hippodrome

Basil's ability is a mouthful - Porphyrogennetos allows Heavy and Light Cavalry units to do maximum damage to units and cities that follow the same religion as Byzantium. The civ's focus is clearly on an offensive, military and religion-centred gameplay, and the abilities synergise well on that path - warfare helps spread religion, while converting Holy Cities helps with warfare. 

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