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CD Projekt Red aren't shying away from politics in Cyberpunk 2077

Published: 19:59, 25 September 2018
CD Projekt Red
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CD Projekt Red have already stated that Cyberpunk 2077 will be inherently political and they have reaffirmed that stance in a recent interview, stating that it will inevitably be in the game but probably not in the way people expect.

According to the interview CD Projekt Red had with Edge magazine, the developer will not shy away from having political narratives in Cyberpunk 2077, reaffirming their on the matter they already stated a few months back.

While most people might be expecting the "politics" of the game to get into exploration of gender fluidity, equality and other first world issues of the present, the interview hints at the narrative being something else.

Patrick Mills stated CD Projekt Red is confident enough that when everyone else says "no there is nothing political in our games", the Polish developer will simply state "Yes there is", but also added that "It’s not necessarily what you’re expecting, and we’re not going to talk about exactly what we’re going to say".

With that in mind, those might not be some other corners of the politics people of today trifle themselves with, but it will be connected to at least some, as Mills stated that Mike Pondsmith insisted on making the game deeper than just about "guns and cool hairstyles".

Cyberpunk 2077 will likely focus on a narrative that describes social standards of the somewhat dystopian future in Night City. The E3 trailer did start with a few lines describing the details of living there, after all, but Mills previously quoted statement hints some of today's narrative will also be a subject in their upcoming RPG.

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Mills also stated that CD Projekt Red actually want to be the rebels and to that end will aim to change the gaming industry with the standards that Cyberpunk 2077 might set. The general mindset seems to be "we want to do things differently, we don't have to do things that way".

The latter bit might apply to the current gaming industry standards, which CD Projekt Red have a good track record of breaking by making games that offer hundreds of hours of entertainment, without the help of microtransactions or loot boxes.

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