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Catherine is being remade for PS4 and Vita

Published: 17:53, 19 December 2017
Anime guy with his head between anime girl's legs.
Catherine (2011)

Atlus' highly controversial and/or bizzare cult classic Catherine is making its way to PS4 and PS Vita. If the first time you cheated on your waifu was not enough for you, there is a new expanded opportunity in development right now.

Catherine: Full Body is a remake of Catherine, a game from 2011 with surprisingly mature take on real life relationships including cheating on significant others. The story revolves around a young man named Vincent who is struggling with a decision laid before him - remain a bachelor which he prefers or indulge his girlfriend Katherine's wish for marriage. He quite literally enters a nightmare after he commits adultery with Catherine, the substitute waifu.

Atlus Anime guy running in his underpants with a pillow in his arm. Catherine - Vincent, the horny protagonist

Information is somewhat scarce at the moment but it is known that the development will be a joint effort between Atlus and Studio Zero. They will be looking to expand the story and its relevant choices compared to the original game by adding a third girl, named Rin into the mix. Rin will serve as sort of a guiding light for Vincent having been described as an exceedingly honest and gentle person. There will also be different difficulty settings as well as online modes and more than one new ending, along with high number of anime cutscenes, sexy events and new episodes.

Atlus Anime couple after having fun time in bed. Catherine - Vincent is playing two fiddles

Catherine: Full Body has no confirmed release date and pricing is not yet decided upon, but it is known that development is about half way done and more details including a trailer will be shared via streaming on   channel, scheduled for 22 December at 10:30 GMT.

As a side note, if you're into fun time with waifus you may want to start a petition to get it in VR. Have fun!

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