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Persona 5 R domain update suggests possible announcment

Published: 09:44, 27 December 2018
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Atlus updated the Persona 5 domain which was registered last year but is yet to be used for any Persona related activity. Renewal of the domain could mean that the developer is finally ready to announce the enhanced version of Persona 5.

There's a good chance that we could get an enhanced version of Persona 5 in 2019 as the latest domain update by the developer Atlus suggest that announcement could be imminent.

Domain was registered back in 2017 with a bunch of other Persona-related domains. This particular domain was renewed by the company in April 2018 and it's been updated once again, possibly indicating that Persona 5 R website is getting ready for publishing. 

Another thing that could suggest that Persona 5 R website is currently under construction is the message that pops when visiting the Before the update, the website was returning a landing page with a message that the domain is registered through Japanese domain registrar Onamae. Now, it returns an HTTP 403 Forbidden error which means that public access to the website has been prevented. 

Also, the domain information reveals that domain is now moved from Onomae to Atlus' servers which is the same pattern that occurred with previous Persona games releases. Persona Q2: New Shadow of Labyrinth was registered before getting moved to Atlus' servers and after just six days, the developers officially revealed the game.

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Persona 5

Same goes for Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight‘s website domain Just five days after the domain update we got the official announcement. Catherine: Full Body is another game by Atlus that followed the same release pattern. Eight days before the confirmation its domain was also changed.

It's possible that we get Persona 5 R official reveal on 30 December 2018 when Persona 5 The Animation Dark Sun anime special is set to air in Japan. Atlus already confirmed that news about Persona Super Live 2019 concert will be shared during a commercial. Who knows, maybe Atlus also reveals their new Persona game with a teaser trailer during one of the breaks.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Persona 5, it's an RPG game set in modern-day Tokyo and it follows the protagonist named Joker during his probation for an assault of which he's been falsely accused. The game is an exclusive for Sony's PlayStation 4. 

Screenshots and concept art from Atlus' RPG Persona 5

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