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Hyper Light Drifter TV series in works by Castlevania producer

Published: 08:26, 29 March 2019
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Hyper Light Drifter

Adi Shankar, the man behind Netflix's game adaptation Castlevania, will work on the upcoming Hyper Light Drifter TV series, it's been confirmed by the game's creator Alx Preston. The adaptation is still in a very early stage though.

You may remember Hyper Light Drifter as one of the best Indie games of 2016 - Alx Preston's 2D pixelated action RPG was praised for its wonderful visuals, sound design and impressive combat mechanics.

Now, the game's hero Drifter is ready to make another appearance, but this time, on a TV screen. Today, 29 March 2019, Alx Preston announced that his creation is being adapted into a television series by the man who brought us Netflix's Castlevania - Adi Shankar.

Preston confirmed to Polygon that he and Shankar are currently in development on an animated series, and are looking for writers to lead the TV adaptation.

If you're wondering how exactly Preston and Shankar could pull this off and translate Hyper Light Drifter's gameplay experience to a non-interactive medium, well, they are still exploring their options as "the difference between a series and a game is vast in a lot of ways" according to the game's creator.

Preston said that Hyper Light Drifter was a pretty atmospheric and kind of overbearing which makes it a bit tougher to recreate in a TV series.

"For a series, the question is: how do you sustain and keep your attention on a non-interactive run? Does it get really, really dark and serious? Does it have some levity?" Preston said.

The series is still in very early stages, and at the moment, Shankar and Preston are leaning more toward something that will represent the game on a style side. However, it's likely that the series will be developed in a traditional animation technique rather than opt for the game's pixelated design.

It's still unknown how much dialogue the series will have, if any. You may remember that Hyper Light Drifter was completely wordless, and according to Preston, that is something that could carry over to the show.

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For more details on Hyper Light Drifter TV series, you can check Axl Preston's full interview on .

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