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Capcom's data breach was even worse than initially thought

Published: 12:46, 12 January 2021
Updated: 12:47, 12 January 2021
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Capcom have revealed that the data breach from 2020 was even worse than initially thought, which brought the number of potentially compromised accounts up to 390,000.

The company suffered an attack late in 2020, the one which among other things uncovered details on yet to be released video games. More concerning, however, is the personal data, although earlier estimates said only nine people have had their data stolen.

Capcom posted the results of their investigation today, and it's quite the jump in estimates, as the aforementioned data thefts soared from nine to 16,415. Among them are around three thousand business partners, four thousand employees, and about nine thousand former employees.

The company's earlier estimates had the number of potentially compromised accounts at 350,000, which the investigation now revealed is closer to 390,000. 

Perhaps the only positive here is that none of Capcom's compromised data contained credit card information, or any sort of banking-related info. The company stressed that since all online transactions are handled by a third-party service provider, this information was not stored internally and therefore was beyond the attackers' reach. 

"Additionally, the areas that were impacted in this attack are unrelated to those systems used when connecting to the internet to play or purchase the company's games online, which have continued to utilize either an external third-party server or an external server", Capcom said .

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We must admit that the attacks against video game companies are becoming increasingly serious, and we can only hope that Capcom's case will be incentive enough for others to beef up their security measures. 

Koei Tecmo recently went through a similar ordeal , with the company eventually resorting to unplugging entire parts of their network. 

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