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Koei Tecmo closes websites as cyber attack compromises 65K accounts

Published: 15:48, 30 December 2020
Koei Tecmo
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Koei Tecmo have been forced to shut down their European and American websites over a cyber attack, which has apparently already resulted in a bunch of compromised accounts.

As reported by CogConnected, some 65,000 accounts from Koei Tecmo's European forum have been affected by the attack. 

Thankfully, there was no credit card account theft involved, so users' financial information should be safe and sound, or at least that's what the investigation shows so far. Their account names, mail addresses and account passwords, on the other hand, have been compromised, although it's well worth noting that the passwords are in an encrypted state.

In response, Koei Tecmo reportedly cut off their European network from the rest, as well as deactivated their European and American websites as a precautionary measure. 

Both websites say the same thing, "Due to the possibility of an external cyberattack on this website, it is temporarily closed as we investigate the issue."

We'll wait for the official results of the investigation but we can't help but notice the timing of the attack, right on cue with the holidays. While it's entirely possible that it's been picked at random, it seems more likely that this was a carefully planned and executed attack at Koei Tecmo.

Which, if true, means we've got ourselves a trend developing here, with developers and publishers increasingly finding themselves under cyber attacks. 

Koei Tecmo Nioh 2: Darkness in the Capital characters Nioh 2: Darkness in the Capital

You may recall that Capcom went through a similar ordeal, which ultimately spilt the data everywhere and consequently revealed all sorts of information about the dev's ongoing projects. Unfortunately for players, it also involved user data, which we sincerely hope is not the case with Koei Tecmo. 

You can learn more via CogConnected .

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