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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Nikto now live - meet the other Operators

Published: 20:46, 19 December 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Nikto
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Nikto

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's newest addition to the team - Nikto is now live. The new Operative's faction is Spetsnaz. This gave us the chance to see what the other half of the Armistice global taskforce in Special Ops looks like.

Nikto is now live in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and now we can also meet the rest of the gang that hails from the Allegiance. No matter who these soldiers pledge their loyalty to - Spetsnaz, Jackals, or Chimera, they can all be accessed by completing the gameplay challenges across all three modes, purchasing new skins in the Store or through Battle Pass tiers.

First up is the newest addition to the pack - Nikto.

This Russian citizen's faction is Spetsnaz and he can be unlocked by purchasing the "Nikto Operator" Bundle in Store. We may not know what his first language is, but we do understand that he's active. Isn't that what truly matters? 

Nikto's background: Former FSB deep-cover agent; captured and tortured at the hands of "Mr Z." Face disfigured, diagnosed with acute dissociative disorder. Remains a methodical, calculating soldier. Reassigned to Spetsnaz to utilize skill-set. 

Minotaur - our next Operator's faction is also Spetsnaz. He is an active Russian operator you can unlock by getting 300 Assault Rifle Kills in Multiplayer. 

Minotaur's background: Saved countless lives during a hospital siege in 2nd Chechen War. Placed on extended psychiatric leave. Accrued several arrest warrants across SE Asia. Called back into service by Cpt Bale to expel Al Qatala from Verdansk.

Bale is a Russian operator as well. His loyalties lie with the Spetsnaz faction and he can be unlocked by completing the Into the Furnace Campaign mission.

Bale's background: A legend among Spetsnaz. Wounded in 2nd Chechen War, removed from active duty. Re-learned how to walk passed requirements to re-enlist. Served under Gen. Barkov until filing a complaint with Moscow, citing civilian deaths.

Rodion is the last Russian on the list. His faction is Spetsnaz and he can be unlocked by completing the Special Ops -Operation: Paladin.

Rodion's background: Spetsnaz, Special Weapons Company, selected for technological skill and familiarity with Western culture (Hollywood action movies.) Though the top of the charts in performance, Verdansk is his first active combat deployment. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Operators

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Nikto

Azur is a known arms dealer who adheres to the Jackals faction. Unlock him by completing the Old Comrades Campaign mission. His background: Deals with Al Qatala rivals discovered by “The Butcher.” Storehouses were raided. His family was killed. Used connections to expand North Africa network. Partnered with Jackals to destroy AQ and feed ambition.

Grinch's first language is English and his faction is the Jacals - seeing how it was them who found him alone in an abandoned village in the Congo (DRC.) He managed to kill 3 Jackals before Zane made contact and brokered a deal: Services in exchange for a wire transfer to an anonymous off-shore account.

Fittingly, you can unlock Grinch by getting 100 Headshots in Multiplayer.

Speaking of Zane - He is a former Nigerian soldier.  He witnessed the atrocities committed by Al Qatala. Defected after accusing govt of keeping funds meant to fight AQ. Formed the Jackals to defend Africa, funded by black market oil. Classified as a terrorist. Unlock Zane by completing all launch day Special Ops.

On to the Chimera gang:

Yegor hails from Ukraine and can be unlocked by completing the Proxy War Campaign mission. 

He is a mercenary and a professional fixer. A man of the cities, night-life, and excess. Known as more gangster than PMC, but reliable when called upon. Serves Nikolai under exclusive contract with Chimera. Ulterior agenda suspected.

Krueger is a pure-blooded Austrian who can be unlocked by performing 25 Finishing Moves in Multiplayer. He fled his home-country to Germany to evade murder charges. Served with KSK under false ID until mission gone-wrong. Civilians died. Identity discovered, escaped custody before a court-martial. Maintains innocence.

Syd - an American who you'll get access to after killing 5 Juggernauts in any Special Ops experience. Born in Washington DC to a family of wealthy politicians. Joined the US Army at 18. The family had her stationed in Bulgaria. Served full enlistment. She travelled 5 years off-grid, fighting in conflict zones from Eastern Europe to Africa.

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