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Bungie cancel Destiny 2 stream for 'higher priority information'

Published: 14:35, 29 November 2017
Updated: 12:59, 21 September 2018
Destiny 2

Destiny 2's last stream before The Curse of Osiris DLC launch has been canceled. Instead, the fans will get a blog post written by studio leadership. A promise of "game updates that will arrive in the next few weeks" has been made.

Destiny 2 is in somewhat of a pickle. The livestream Bungie had planned for tonight was cancelled to make room for some "higher priority information about Destiny 2". The game has been struggling with the token economy, end-game content, bugs and balance issues since launch.

The final drop was the realisation that . You, of course, need those experience points in order to score the 'Bright Engram' loot boxes. So, instead of some new info on ' new weapons and armour you'll be get various forms of "We're sorry we got caught". The main word will be given to Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy.

Bungie Destiny 2 - "He went that way" Destiny 2 -

"We had planned to conduct the final stream prior to the launch of "Curse of Osiris" to show off some of the weapons and armor the expansion includes." explained Bungie community boss David "Deej" Dague in a that was published last night on the game's forum .

"Instead, we are investing all our efforts into delivering some higher priority information about Destiny 2. You’ll hear from studio leadership about their assessment of Destiny all up, they’ll talk about our goals for the game going forward, and you’ll also learn about how we’re reacting to your feedback with some game updates that will arrive in the next few weeks."

If you thought you're still getting a livestream, well, think again as tonight, you'll be reading another blog post:

Bungie Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Reddit users are sad:

But "very curious":

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