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Rumour: Activision are working on Destiny replacement

Published: 12:01, 13 March 2020
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Destiny 2

According to the latest info from reliable leaker TheGamingRevolution, Activision have multiple titles in the work and one of them is a brand new IP, that will come as a direct replacement for Destiny.

Last year, Bungie and Activision decided to terminate their contract, meaning that Bungie assumed the full publishing rights for the popular looter shooter franchise Destiny. At that time, Activision released a statement, confirming that the company will increase their focus on owned IP and other projects.

Today, we have a rumour about Activision's plans to fill in the void left by the loss of the Destiny franchise. According to a reliable leaker TheGamingRevolution, who previously shared a ton of correct info about Activision's games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, Activision are currently working on a "Destiny replacement".

Apparently, it is a brand new IP but the details about it are pretty scarce at the moment. If the game is indeed a direct replacement for Destiny, then it is safe to assume that we are getting another online looter shooter with long-term support, seasons and battle pass.

Of course, you should take this information with a grain of salt, just like any other rumour, leak or unofficial news. That being said, TheGamingRevolution released a ton of correct details about Warzone so it is possible that he got the Destiny replacement news from the same source within Activision.

On top of this, TheGamingRevolution also claims that Activision are working on another free Call of Duty game, new Crash games and Tony Hawk Proskater Remastered. Check out his tweets here.

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Destiny 2, Season of the Worthy

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