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Destiny 2's free trial and 'faulty' XP gain system fixed

Published: 11:30, 28 November 2017
Destiny 2

Destiny 2's free trial kicks off on 28 November. During the Thanksgiving weekend a Reddit user posted some damning evidence of lowered XP gains in the game. Bungie has since deactivated this system.

There is nothing more relaxing than waking up during the winter holidays, finding out your ageing parents have booked a cruise on the opposite side of the planet so you're on your own this year. Plus you get to play a game you wanted to try out - for free.

Now, go back to the real world where nothing is exactly as it seems and everyone except your ageing parents is out to get you. They can't help you, they are on the other side of the world.

Bungie Destiny 2 Destiny 2

First things first: a free Destiny 2 trial is about to kick off: the start date reads 28 November. The trial will be open to everyone with a PlayStation 4, a PC or an Xbox One. The game can be downloaded using your console or Blizzard's

The trial wil let you engage in a campaign mission on the European Dead Zone and Titan, play Adventures and explore the full European Dead Zone as well as the Titan playspace. You can give the competitive multiplayer a go via the Crucible Quickplay playlist.

You'll also be able to play solo, form a Fireteam and join a Clan. Your character will be able to level up all the way up to level seven, and the usual "all progress will transfer into the purchased copy" deal applies.

Bungie Destiny 2 Destiny 2

We've covered who, what, where and when. That leaves us with the everlasting: why?

Well, this next piece of news could give you an answer: during the Thanksgiving weekend, a Destiny related Reddit page blew up with data that pointed to a sneaky, sneaky limitation in Destiny 2. The limitation had an effect on player XP gains, or lack thereof. A Reddit user named EnergiserX broke it all down in a lengthy  .

Player XP gain had been lowered without an in-game notice, in order to make them buy Destiny's microtransaction-dependent 'Silver' currency they need to get 'Bright Engram' loot boxes. The boxes are free if you have enough experience points. Can you spot the issue? It's something with a G, and it's not Ghaul.

Bungie Dominus Ghaul looking down at the player Destiny 2

Greed. It's greed.

To add insult to injury: the players might have been getting less experience than advertised even after spending silver on in-game experience boosters or buying Red Bull or Pop-Tarts to redeem a promotional experience boost. 

was an admission of guilt, but only kind of. They confirmed that they are aware of the issue, and that the "system is not performing the way [they'd] like it to". In turn, the system has been deactivated.

Over the course of the next week, Bungie will be "watching and reviewing XP game data to ensure that these changes meet [their] expectations". I'd suggest you do the same.

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