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Blue Protocol closed beta test starts on 23 April

Published: 07:20, 27 March 2020
Bandai Namco
Blue Protocol screenshot showing gorgeous vista
Blue Protocol

Bandai Namco have officially revealed Blue Protocol closed beta dates. The test will start on 23 April, running through 26 April 2020. During the beta, players will get to visit various regions and take on many unique enemies.

Blue Protocol, Bandai Namco's MMORPG that is coming to the Japanese market sometime this year is about to hit closed beta test. After a long wait and one minor delay due to coronavirus, Bandai Namco decided to officially reveal the start and end dates for the test phase.

Blue Protocol closed beta test will officially go live on 23 April 2020. As previously confirmed, the testing will be available for 72 hours or 3 days. This means that beta will end on 26 April 2020. 

Bandai Namco recently detailed some of the features and locations that players will be able to visit during testing. You can expect to travel to a lot of regions and take on some gigantic enemies on your adventure. However, not all features will be available during the test but it is possible that we'll get another closed beta, closer to the release of the game. 

Blue Protocol is currently in development for PC and it is set to launch in Japan. As for the western release, the team confirmed they are still preparing for the global launch. More info on this is expected once the game launches in Japan.

Blue Protocol is Bandai Namco's MMORPG

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Blue Protocol

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