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Blue Protocol shows off new dungeon and a massive summon

Published: 13:31, 17 February 2020
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blue protocol screenshot showing new dungeon location
New dungeon will be available in the upcoming beta

Bandai Namco's anime MMORPG Blue Protocol has two new screenshots, showcasing a new dungeon, that will be available in the beta and a giant summon that helps players during combat.

Blue Protocol, Bandai Namco's anime MMORPG is soon entering a first beta test and the publisher have been sharing a lot of in-game footage and screenshots lately , to build up the hype before the beta officially kicks off in a couple of weeks.

In the latest batch of screenshots, the publisher have revealed a brand new dungeon location that players will get to explore during the beta and a player-friendly monster summon which can help you take down the enemy creatures during the combat. Check them out in the images above and below.

As you can see, the dungeon is looking pretty cool and mysterious with tons of crystals all over the place. The new summon is gigantic and it will certainly be a big help during the fights. Its abilities are yet to be revealed but you can expect it to punch a lot of powerful moves.

Blue Protocol beta sign-ups are now live on the official website and there are around 50.000 spots up for grabs so better hurry up if you want to try out the game for free. The beta test will officially kick off sometime in late March 2020. It will run for 4 days and more details about the exact start and end times will be revealed by the publisher pretty soon.

Blue Protocol is currently in development exclusively for PC. Bandai Namco are yet to announce a release date but the game should launch sometime in 2020.

It is currently confirmed only for the Japanese market. We reached out to Bandai Namco for a comment on whether the game would see an official release in the West, but the publisher has remained silent on the matter thus far.

Blue Protocol is Bandai Namco's MMORPG

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