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Blue Protocol is experiencing some growing pains on the road to CBT

Published: 12:00, 23 April 2020
Bandai Namco
Blue Protocol showing a female character with shield and sword
Blue Protocol

Blue Protocol's highly anticipated Closed Beta Test had run into some unforeseen issues and the game's management team has shared an announcement that the start of the test would be delayed. The issues have now been resolved.

Blue Protocol's management team recently shared the unwelcome news that the start of the game's Closed Beta Test has been postponed. The delay is due to a problem that seems to have occurred during preparations for the Closed Beta Test that was supposed to start at 19:00 on Thursday, 23 April.

The team went on to apologise "to all those who have been looking forward to the start of CBT". The aforementioned problem is now being looked at and the team is trying to fix it. More information would be shared as soon as the issue is resolved and a new start time for the Closed Beta Test is determined. 

The follow-up message reads that the team has found a fix to the problem that caused the Closed Beta Test delay and the new "test start time is today at 21:00".

Blue Protocol is Bandai Namco's MMORPG

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Blue Protocol

Another minor delay due to coronavirus happened earlier in the game's development and after that, Bandai Namco officially revealed the start and end dates for the test phase.

As per the previous announcement, Blue Protocol's Closed Beta Test will officially go live on 23 April 2020. As previously confirmed, the testing will be available for 72 hours or 3 days. This means that beta will end on 26 April 2020. 

Blue Protocol is, at the moment, being developed for PC and is set to be released for the Japanese market. The dev team confirmed that they are still plotting out a global launch.

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