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Blizzard removes sensitive WoW achievement names

Published: 01:46, 08 September 2021
World of Warcraft

In the latest batch of transparent attempts to pretend to be nice, Blizzard renamed several World of Warcraft achievements that could sound offensive.

Activision Blizzard is still knee-deep in controversy over the horrendous treatment of their employees as well as the infamous Cosby suite that numerous high ranking individuals in the company set up.

After all their dirty laundry was revealed, Blizzard made feeble attempts at pretending to care by announcing they would change the name of McCree in Overwatch and via other minor tokens.

Now it appears the time has come for World of Warcraft to be sanitised as the devs are changing the names of achievements that bothered virtually no one for over a decade.

My Sack is Gigantique achievement is obviously an innuendo but it didn't bother people thus far. Considering it never became a meme, it's safe to say many players didn't even understand the double meaning here. It will now be called "My Storage is Gigantique" instead.

Bros Before Ho Ho Ho's is a play on words from a popular proverb that never held true in reality but it will now be called Holiday Bromance so Blizzard can pretend cube crawls and the aforementioned suite never happened.

Blizzard World of Warcraft: Shadowlands World of Warcraft: Shadowlands failed attempt at storytelling is probably the most offensive thing for the players


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