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Blizzard is renaming Overwatch's cowboy, McCree

Published: 00:10, 27 August 2021
Overwatch - Epic McCree skin
Overwatch - Epic McCree skin

Overwatch's favourite cowboy just can't catch a break since he first lost a spray and now his name due to Blizzard's mistakes.

It was just over a year ago that Blizzard removed McCree's noose spray because they suddenly found it offensive enough to warrant getting the bot from Overwatch . Now, they found his name to be too much and are going to replace that as well.

For those not in the loop, Blizzard is taking some heavy fire because it was sued by the state of California , alleging that some of the big boys in the company let the power go to their head and leveraged it to create a toxic atmosphere and possible felonies along the lines of non-consensual hanky panky. The fact they named their lair "The Cosby Suite" does not help their case. Anyway, one of the guys involved was Jesse McCree, the namesake of OW's cowboy.

Now that the company's dirty laundry was out for everyone to see, they were further accused of shredding evidence connected to the case. Lo and behold, they announced they would no longer glorify McCree's namesake, by changing the character's name in Overwatch.

Such news is bound to make waves and possibly become louder than the headlines about shredding the evidence which makes the timing of the announcement somewhat conspicuous.

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