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Blizzard excited over Diablo Immortal, but not going mobile-only

Published: 09:25, 29 May 2019
Blizzard's logo over Hearthstone's artwork for the Witchwood expansion

In a recent interview, Blizzard's president J. Allen Brack said that even though he and the company are excited over Diablo Immortal and other projects they've got in the works, they will always remain true to their PC gaming roots.

Brack spoke to GameInformer, where he reminded that Blizzard have more titles in development than ever before, and as confirmed by executive producer Allen Adham - many of them are based on their IP, of course.

"We're not going to become a mobile-only company. We are PC. We have strong roots in console from the very early days, but we've been a primarily PC developer for a very long time and that's not going to change", he stressed.

Nevertheless, Brack is well aware that mobile is the largest gaming platform, and that the company cannot miss an opportunity to offer some "authentic" Blizzard experiences on these devices.

In spite of nightmare reception at BlizzCon, the company remains optimistic and are excited to see what fans think once they've seen it. 

Their key focus, however, is to deliver the franchises, characters and worlds they have to every conceivable platform.

Having spent a good chunk of his time in Blizzard overseeing World of Warcraft, Brack was asked whether we could see a World of Warcraft battle pet mobile game.

"We've talked about it for years. And there's a little bit of kind of a weird thing of like, "Hey, do you want the way that you play battle pets to be on mobile? Do you want that to be the only way? How do we think about it relating to the main game?" We haven't really come up with a great answer, obviously", he added.

Blizzard Poster for World of Warcraft's expansion Battle for Azeroth World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth

Brack expertly sidestepped the question about esports, which was a bit of a hot potato considering they cancelled and did more cuts in the esports department later.

What he did say was that the company is still committed to Overwatch, as they managed to build something big there. 

You can find the full interview .

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