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Black Desert Online reaches $1.5 billion in revenue

Published: 08:51, 21 January 2020
Pearl Abyss
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Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online was released in 2014 but the newly added Black Desert Mobile seems to have refreshed the game's recurring revenue stream as Pearl Abyss reported impressive milestones such as $1.5 billion in total revenue and huge mobile install base.

Black Desert Online is almost six years old which means the $1.5 billion revenue milestone is not as impressive as some of the top games in 2019 that broke similar numbers in just one year, like Fortnite, League of Legends or Dungeon Fighter Online. However, this doesn't mean Black Desert is not massively successful in its own tier, especially since the launch of Black Desert Mobile in December 2019.

In just under two months of releasing worldwide, the game managed to attract around 20 million players, according to Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020 . Compared to the total install base of 30 million accounts, this means that mobile players are now two-thirds of the total player base in Black Desert.

The period leading to Black Desert Mobile release date was not devoid of indicators of its impending success though. Around four million people pre-registered for the game's worldwide release which pretty much guaranteed a strong start for the mobile title.

While Jin shared the population numbers across different platforms, no such comparisons were made when it comes to revenue. Therefore, it is currently unknown how much of that $1.5 billion came from mobile but around $330,000 million was back in April 2019 when the mobile version was available only in Asia.

Kakao Games Black Desert Online
Black Desert Online

Pearl Abyss are working on the sequel, Crimson Desert, which leaves Black Desert's future somewhat dubious but it is likely to go on for years due to the release policy of the game being available only in Asia initially, which the sequel is unlikely to abandon.

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