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Black Desert Shai and Mystic updates detailed via trailers

Published: 15:00, 17 December 2019
Black Desert - Shai showcase
Black Desert - Shai

Pearl Abyss released a new content update for Black Desert on PlayStation 4 on 17 December 2019. The update included the updates to Shai and Mystic classes with talent changes as well as alteration of the Awakening mechanic for Shai.

Shai will take a turn different from the other classes in Black Desert. The content arrived to PlayStation 4 while it's already available on PC and Xbox One. Shai will not get an Awakening like the other classes would. Instead, once she reaches level 56, she will get a talent update that will allow her to play three musical instruments that will provide buffs for allies in combat.

The three instruments are flute, lute and djembe. If you're not familiar with the last one on the list, it's a drum instrument hailing from West Africa. Anyway, Shai will be able to create four different songs with various combat-changing effects:

  • Do It Better! - provides buffs to AP and special attacks
  • Shout to the Sky - provides a health buff
  • Sun, Moon, Stars - provides and agility buff
  • Summer Rain - provides an increase to status resistance

Overall, her kit seems to be well rounded and should be able to help allies out of just about any type of trouble. Meanwhile, the Mystic will follow a more traditional path. Upon reaching level 56, she will gain her Awakening weapon - a Cestus that's imbued by energy from Banha, the divine sea dragon.

On top of the cestus, she will gain access to Awakening abilities:

  • Wave Orb - causes Mystic to channel all her energy for a massive attack on the enemies
  • Dragon's Pit - summons Banha to create a circle that damages all enemies inside
  • Sea Burial - causes Mystic to leap forward and unleash repetitive strikes that knock all enemies on the ground

You can preview the new abilities in Mystic's trailer.

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