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Bioware say Dragon Age will focus on single-player experience and player choices

Published: 11:49, 07 January 2022
Dragon Age screenshot showing a city and a man siting on a platform
Dragon Age

In their latest blog post, Bioware reassured fans that the next Dragon Age will put a major focus on the single-player experience and choices that matter. 

Bioware have shared a brand new "State of Bioware" blog post where they looked back at 2021 and the milestones they've managed to reach despite many challenges and the uncertainly of the global pandemic. 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released a couple of months ago and the team have continued to work on the next instalment in the popular sci-fi franchise, as well as the next Dragon Age game. 

Speaking about their upcoming games, Bioware mentioned Dragon Age but only briefly, confirming their focus on the single-play experience, which is certainly good news for Dragon Age fans.  

"As for Dragon Age, we have a veteran group of talented developers working on the next iteration of the franchise. We are focused on a single-player experience that is built on choices that matter,"  Bioware revealed in the blog post.

Sadly, they did not reveal additional info about Dragon Age, guess they're saving that for EA Play or another event where we expect to see Dragon Age for the first time. 

Bioware Dragon Age logo Dragon Age logo

Dragon Age is confirmed to be set in Tevinter and won't feature live-service elements like previous EA games. 

Dragon Age still does not have a release date. It is expected to launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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