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Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah leave BioWare

Published: 18:26, 04 December 2020

BioWare's troubles continue as key people keep leaving the company. In the latest case, it's two of the leading figures in the studio which caused an internal leadership shift from Anthem to Mass Effect.

Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah were veteran BioWare staff and leaders of many projects, including huge franchises like Mass Effect and Dragon Age but also the not-so-successful ones such as Anthem.

The studio found itself in massive controversy, caused by horrible management that caused terrible working conditions , some of which led to mental breakdowns. Those who underwent such trauma were called "stress casualties", which sounds an awful lot like consequences of the things that happen in war .

Anyway, while that may be one of the reasons, it is unknown why exactly the duo left BioWare - the blog post on the studio's site seems friendly enough but keep in mind that such announcements are usually rehashed by PR employees.

With some of the key people at the studio gone, you might be asking yourself about what will happen with BioWare's future projects. Well, they will continue as two other studio heads will replace them.

Christian Dailey, the studio head of BioWare Austin, will be taking reins of the next Dragon Age game. Meanwhile, Mike Gamble will take lead on Mass Effect projects, which may not be reassuring to the fans as he was a producer on both Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem.

Bioware A rogue player is trying too look cool in some weird pose in Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon Age Inquisition was also a good entry. There may be some hope

Both Dragon Age 4 and the next Mass Effect are still to be revealed properly and given the countless hours of entertainment and unforgettable characters the series provided, we could at least give the studio the benefit of the doubt and see if it can overcome the turmoil.

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