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Beyond Good and Evil 2 news teased by Ubisoft

Published: 09:16, 03 July 2021
Monkey from Beyond Good and Evil 2 making a silly face,
Beyond Good and Evil 2 - monkey business

Beyond Good and Evil 2 fans might be getting some long-overdue updates soon. Ubisoft Belgium and Ubisoft Nederland just tweeted some interesting photos in celebration of World UFO day.

After almost one year of radio silence, the Space Monkeys around the globe are seeing something that looks like the light at the end of the development tunnel for Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Ubisoft Belgium and Ubisoft Nederland Twitter accounts recently sent out tweets celebrating World UFO Day (July 2) with photos depicting a "very interesting spaceship" flying over Ghent and Amsterdam.

Under development by Ubisoft Montpellier, Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been in development hell for some time now. The team at Ubisoft Montpellier has been working on the game for at least seven years now.

The showcase at E3 2017 was preceded by three years of work on a solar system simulation tool. Video game designer Michel Ancel equated the completion of the tool with the begging of the actual development of Beyond Good and Evil 2. The designer left the industry in September 2020.

The last update we've got from the official channels was a July 12, 2020, announcement where the BGE2 Team shared that the game is still in stages of core development but "well underway":

"We are committed to providing our Space Monkeys with these opportunities when the time is right, but we’re just not there yet and once we are, you’ll be the first to know. 

With this in mind, in-game footage, Space Monkey Report livestreams, and our presence at events – whether digital or in-person – will be extremely limited for the time being."

The new tweets might mean that a new trailer, and if we may be so bold, an actual release date are not that far behind.

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