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How Bethesda confirmed Ubisoft's next Splinter Cell game

Published: 22:18, 10 May 2018
Updated: 14:26, 25 December 2018
Sam Fisher is looking at the camera with his signature night vision goggles on his forehead
Splinter Cell - Sam Fisher

There was mass speculation on the possibility of a next Splinter Cell game and through a funny set of circumstances, Bethesda may have confirmed the game instead of its developer and publisher Ubisoft, who must be having fits of Rage 2.

To be honest, the original culprit here is Walmart Canada, followed by Wario64 who posted Walmart's leak on Twitter which then prompted a . This may not make much sense without the big picture so let's go step by step.

Walmart Canada leaked a pile of games that are in the works and will likely be shown or at least announced at E3 2018 in Los Angeles by putting up a pre-order page that included them too early. These leaks included Rage 2, Splinter Cell, Gears of War 5, Just Cause 4 and Forza Horizon 5. People weren't inclined to believe Wario64 who relayed this leak over his Twitter... until Bethesda replied regarding the Rage 2 leak.

Their full answer is included in the article linked above, but in short - Bethesda "gave notes" to Wallmart Canada on how to fix their Rage 2 store page. These instructions included "tips" to add missing key art, age rating, change the font, write in all caps... and an anarchy sign. Bethesda also posted this picture on their revived Rage official Twitter which pretty much confirms that Rage 2 is in the works and may even be closer to release than anyone could expect. Well, everyone thought it's never going to happen, but still.

Now, this would be a normal thing to happen and wouldn't warrant that much attention due to the original Rage being somewhat mediocre but Bethesda inadvertently gave credibility to all the other leaks too. We were hopeful back in February that a new Splinter Cell was in the works but even . Then the Ghost Recon Wildlands crossover happened, followed by fan theories on reddit and then Walmart's leak came alongside Bethesda's indirect confirmation.

Ubisoft Sam Fisher makes a sad face when he realizes Solid Snake is no longer around. Ghost Recon Wildlands - Sam Fisher's startling realisation

We have to give props to Bethesda's marketing team, they managed to grab the spotlight in one fell swoop even though their upcoming game didn't garner anywhere near the hype Splinter Cell or Gears of War 5 would.

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