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Bethesda are reportedly opening a studio for remakes and remasters

Published: 10:42, 07 August 2021
Updated: 10:44, 07 August 2021
Nexus Mods is Skyrim's biggest treasure trove of mods
Nexus Mods is Skyrim's biggest treasure trove of mods

According to the latest rumours, Bethesda could be opening a brand new studio that would specifically focus on remastering and remaking old Bethesda titles.

Bethesda might be officially under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella but as you may know, Microsoft won't be interfering with their creative decisions.

The tech giant confirmed that most of the time, they will have a hands-off approach when it comes to managing Bethesda studios, which is probably the best decision.

And according to some rumours, Bethesda will be opening more studios in the future. One of them could be focused on developing remakes and remasters of iconic Bethesda games like Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas or even older titles like the beloved Morrowind.

YouTuber Skullzi, who is not really your best source within the gaming industry states that he has heard a rumour about Bethesda opening a new studio that focuses on remasters and remakes. Apparently, the studio might be called Artifact Studios.

As always with leaks and unconfirmed info, we suggest you take this with a grain of salt, especially since this is not coming from the most reliable industry sources. 

Skullzi previously stated that Starfield would be launching in Q1 2022 with a small chance of 2021 release but as we all know, that claim was wide of the mark. Bethesda set November 11, 2021 as the official release date for their sci-fi RPG.

Of course, it's also possible that the rumour is true. It would not be surprising that's for sure since more and more publishers have been focusing on remakes and remasters, which seem to sell pretty well.

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