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Battletoads reaches 1 million players two months after release

Published: 19:28, 26 October 2020
DLaLa Studios
Screenshot from the upcoming Battletoads game

Dlala Studios and Rare announced the big news regarding their Battletoads numbers and released several interesting bits of information such as the total number of player deaths.

Battletoads launched on August 20, 2020, and it has reached one million total players two months later. Considering it's on the Xbox Game Pass, there is no doubt the service played a large part in pumping those numbers since it is one of the subscriptions with the best value in the gaming world.

Even though the art style is catering more to the Saturday morning cartoon fans, it's highly possible some of the fans from decades ago are still revisiting the amphibious pugilists for a shot of nostalgia. During those visits, the players have collectively died 80,037,506 times. 

One fun fact about this is that more than half of those deaths were due to turbo bike crashes rather than dying to a particular enemy which is definitely something the new game shares with the NES classic.

Compared to the number of deaths, there have been "only" 2,880,267 revives but keep in mind that the death count also encompasses solo players so co-op revival number is at a bit of a disadvantage here.

According to the infographic , Porkshank, the poor creature that had to be the game's first boss has been beaten down 1,562,508 times while the players scooped up 8,677,560 collectables on the way to dish out the pain.

When it comes to speedrunning on Tadpole difficulty, 100 per cent, Fuzzyness took the throne by finishing in 1:38:51, which is 29 seconds ahead of the runner-up, Yagamoth.

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