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Battlefield V gets The Last Tiger, Dice were inspired by Das Boot

Published: 20:56, 05 December 2018
Tiger tank depicted in Dice and EA's shooter Battlefield V
Battlefield V, The Last Tiger

The last of Battlefield V's announced war stories, The Last Tiger, has landed after a one day delay and Dice claim that the story it tells is a multi-layered one, with the team even looking to the legendary movie Das Boot for inspiration.

Dice's single-player producer Lars Gustavsson said that Battlefield V's The Last Tiger focuses on the chemistry of the crew that finds itself trapped on the bank of the Rhine. The crew are questioning the events that led to the last stand, while trying to stay alive.

"It really came out of the tank. The Tiger is such a legendary vehicle from the war. It has this very brutal visual design", said Dice's singleplayer design director Eric Holmes, highlighting the iconic status that Tigers enjoyed in WWII.

"The Tiger is kind of like — in this kind of situation my mind goes to strange metaphors. It’s like fighting as an ordinary vigilante versus fighting as Batman", Holmes added. Indeed, their sturdy armour coupled with beastly cannons made it one enemy you didn't want to come across and encountering one meant certain death for the longest time.

This part apparently worked like a charm for Battlefield V as Holmes confirmed by saying, "You need something that’s capable of just generating a lot of gameplay, because it takes on a vast number of adversaries. The Tiger lends itself to that."

As for the story, Battlefield V's team went for a more subtle approach, trying to "tell something that reaches out and touches, hopefully, through the Battlefield lens, what it was like to be on the side that was losing, that had been fighting for many years."

The team even looked at Das Boot as inspiration, a movie about a German submarine crew whose captain is trying to keep everyone alive against all odds, much like the prevalent team in Battlefield V's new war story.

EA picture showing soldier in battlefield v Battlefield V

The Last Tiger features four characters, starting with loader Hartmann, who's the youngest and the most shook-up member of the crew. Kertz, the driver, is an experienced soldier aware of what's going on, but his allegiances lay with the captain.

The crew's lost gunner has been replaced with a by-the-book greenhorn gunner while last but not least is captain Mueller, who's trying to hold it all together. "We have themes in our story about consequences, consequences for actions, and also about truth", Dice said.

You can find the full interview with Dice

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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Battlefield V

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