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Battlefield V may not get rental server service after all

Published: 13:01, 24 January 2019
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Battlefield V

Battlefield fans found themselves worried when it was originally announced that rental servers wouldn't happen on Battlefield V launch, but it may turn into a panic now that EA stated they still haven't made a decision on rental servers.

Server rental has been popular in Battlefield titles due to clans finding it easier to organise themselves, among other things, and the feature persisted until Battlefield 1 where EA and DICE wrangled the responsibilities from third-party owners and left it somewhat barebones.

Battlefield V launched without a rental server program (RSP) and worried fans kept until they got a vague answer from EA's global community manager on Reddit, danmitre, where he claimed that the RSP issues have "never been ignored" but also that there is no news regarding the feature just yet.

After being met with a wave of downvotes, another user followed up on that reply, which then prompted the community manager to elaborate on the previous statement. , there have been no updates on the state of RSP because EA "haven't made a full decision internally" on whether or not they can deliver it.

This is apparently due to EA being unsure if they can deliver up to the standards and expectations of the end users. The process would take up development resources and it has apparently cost the company more than RSP renting returned in the pasts. In other words, if there was a profit to be had, EA would have implemented it by now as the money is the primary factor that decides whether RSP will make a comeback.

EA Tiger tank depicted in Dice and EA's shooter Battlefield V Battlefield V, The Last Tiger

Danmitre's second half of the reply raised some eyebrows as he stated that DICE wouldn't want to "impact development resources of the main game quality of life commitment and upcoming content" due reallocating devs to RSP development. This could potentially imply that DICE are understaffed when put up against projects they are working on, but there is no official confirmation to this.

In an end note, danmitre said that RSP is still not off the table, but EA's teams need to weigh it carefully before deciding whether to commit to developing the service. Still, even if they do agree in favour of RSP, it may turn out to be too late as it can't be developed overnight and danmitre's tone certainly doesn't suggest that DICE even started the project.

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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