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Battlefield V Lightning Strikes update brings a new vehicle

Published: 13:27, 30 January 2019
Picture of several tanks rushing around the battlefield
Battlefield V

EA DICE have rolled out a major update for Battlefield V. It is part of the Tides of War, dubbed Lightning Strikes and it brings about a new Axis vehicle, named Sturmgeschütz IV along with Panzerstorm map updates and quality of life fixes.

Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes is here and it brought Sturmgeschütz IV (StuG IV) along. While you may be inclined to call it a tank initially, it is classified as an assault gun. It features a low silhouette which makes it harder to spot and hit, giving the vehicle inherent defence mechanisms. 

Historically, StuG IV was a successor to StuG III which was Nazi Germany's response to new Russian tanks that the Panzers proved incapable of handling. StuG IV later greatly helped Germany's limited armoured combat capabilities on the Eastern Front and was exclusivelly used as a tank destroyer.

Battlefield V's version will have several modifications available. Therefore, players who want to rush in head first will be able to improve the vehicle's survivability and anti-infantry capabilities, which is not exactly the nature of StuG IV. Those who prefer the immerse themselves and use the anti-tank vehicle will be able to specialise in long range armour-piercing roles, in order to properly ruin any tank operator's day.

Still, it looks like the second option will be more viable, due to StuG III's limited movement of its main canon. In other words, the longer the distance between StuG III and its target, the wider area it can cover. Players will need to complete the weekly challenge of the third Chapter Event of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes in order to unlock this tank buster.

EA picture showing a tank in ww2 Battlefield V

Meanwhile, Panzerstorm map has been adjusted due to player feedback. Capture point F is now larger, just like the Swine Farm which now has additional buildings. Infantry should have an easier time navigating the battlefield now that there are more ditches and mounds along the edges of the field, providing cover and ambush opportunities.

There is a slew of other additions to Panzerstorm to help players enjoy tank battles after D point, as well as a pile of quality of life fixes that you can check out the official  .

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