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Battlefield V's 2019 roadmap reveals much more than Firestorm

Published: 07:54, 25 March 2019
Slide showing Battlefield V's 2019 roadmap, part 2
Battlefield V, 2019 roadmap

EA and Dice's World War II shooter Battlefield V has received a roadmap for 2019, detailing the upcoming Chapter 3: Trial by Fire and giving a sneak peek at Chapter 4: Defying the Odds, while setting the date for the fifth chapter.

Firestorm is, of course, the main star of Chapter 3: Trial by Fire and we've already seen a trailer showing off in Battlefield V's long-awaited battle royale, which launches today by the way.

EA and Dice reminded that Firestorm will be improved and expanded upon, with Duos coming for a limited time sometime in April, but there's more to Battlefield V's Chapter 3 than just battle royale.

April 2019 will also see matchmaking in Combined Arms, two Fjell 652 missions and a Hardcore mode.

Battlefield V's new map takes place in the Mediterranean and should launch in May. "Here, you'll take on a massive aerial invasion along the Cretan coast and experience the first and largest German paratrooper invasion ever, based on the real-life events of Operation Mercury", they wrote.

Come June, Battlefield V will get a new mode called Outpost. It will be about holding and building objectives, so as to secure enough soldiers to survive, and EA promised more details soon.

Chapter 4: Defying the Odds is expected in June 2019 and EA claim that Battlefield players who enjoy close-quarters combat will love this one.

Defying the Odds brings a new mode that has friends and foes breathing down each other's necks in 5-vs-5 "across several battlefields designed exclusively for the mode."

EA wrote that the urban design of the map, as well as the fact it's about close quarters, should ensure the map feels both fresh and familiar at the same time. 

Additionally, Chapter 4 brings the Marita map, tailored after the conflict in Greece in late 1940.

EA Slide showing Battlefield V's 2019 roadmap Battlefield V, 2019 roadmap

EA and Dice promise much more to come in Chapter,"in a completely new theatre of war", although we've plenty of new content before that. They also reminded that some of these may change, depending on community feedback. 

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Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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