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EA acknowledge that Battlefield 2042 is dying

Published: 12:33, 19 May 2022
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Battlefield 2042

To no one's surprise, EA DICE are cutting the 128-player Breakthrough playlists from Battlefield 2024. The 64 player playlists will now become the new main modes. 

DICE have announced new major changes to Battlefield 2042, including an update to the All-Out Warfare rotations. The leading change is the removal of the 128 player version of Breakthrough, the Rush-like mode. 

The developer say that they have reviewed the available modes in All-Out Warfare and felt that 128 player mode is better suited for the classic Conquest mode, where map spaces are larger and where players have a more natural fit for sandbox gameplay. 

They came to the conclusion that 64 player version is a much better fit for the high-intensity Breakthrough mode, which is why this mode will be available only in 64 player playlists starting today, May 19, 2022.  

"Squads in Breakthrough 64 have a better opportunity to work together, to flank the enemy, place a spawn beacon, use their plus menu to attach suppressors, then clear, and hold a point. 

We believe that the move to 64 players will bring back the pacing that helps celebrate these moments of teamwork and PTFOing,"  DICE say in the blog post.

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And while DICE say this change is mainly due to the gameplay improvements, some players think it's actually due to Battlefield 2042's low player count. Ever since the launch six months ago, Battlefield 2042 has been losing players, at least on Steam. 

Battlefield 2042 is below 2000 average daily players which certainly is way too low for such a big franchise. For comparison, that's lower than both Battlefield V and Battlefield 1 player count on Steam. 

DICE have previously said that they are working hard to make Battlefield 2042 the best possible experience for those who are disappointed with this release. Whether or not they manage to do this, it remains to be seen but with rumours swirling around that the next Battlefield game is already in development, we would not be surprised if EA decide to shelve this failed release for good. 

Battlefield 2042

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